AI in Manufacturing

AI has emerged as a new factor of production in the manufacturing industry. It can improve profitability of the industry by offering a less costly alternative. In areas such as manufacturing, quality control, shortening of design time, and reduction of materials waste, improvement of production reuse, predictive maintenance, and more, it will play a significant role. AI by analyzing the vast amount of data routinely collected can help in creating value for the customers and improve the productivity of the existing workforce. Apart from this, they can enable tangible improvements to supply chains and administrative functions. According to a report by Accenture, AI has the potential to boost rates of profitability by an average of 38 percent by 2035 and lead to an economic boost of US$14 trillion across 16 industries in 12 economies by 2035.

AI in Manufacturing

  • Intelligent Automation

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Quality Control

  • Human-robot

Intelligent Automation

Artificial intelligence through intelligent automation is helping manufacturing industry to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and quality. It enables sensing and synthesization of vast amounts of information and automation of processes or workflows, through this it is helping companies to surpass the current performance tradeoffs.

Predictive Maintenance

AI enables predictive maintenance in manufacturing industry. It involves the measurement of several parameters that hold a predictable connection with the component life cycle. It facilitates to predict the future failure point of machine components, so they can be replaced and equipment downtime is minimized and the component lifetime is maximized.

Quality Control

AI is used to analyze emerging production faults that can possibly lead to product quality issues. It facilitates collection of data on machine behavior, raw materials and also of products in the field. If any deviations or subtle abnormalities from the standard are noticed it is used for making strategic and tactical engineering decisions leading to maintenance of a high level of quality.

Human Robot

Human-robot collaboration is another area where AI can enable efficient and safe manufacturing operations. Industrial robots alongside human workers can handle more cognitive tasks and make autonomous decisions based on real-time environmental data leading to more optimized processes.

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