AIXLR enables innovation through its largest network of innovators.

Artificial Intelligence is poised to disrupt every industry. AI by accelerating the development of new products and inventing new business capabilities has emerged as the main driver of innovation. AI can hence lead to unprecedented growth, profitability and sustainability.

  • AI in Mobility
  • AI in Manufacturing

AI can hence lead to unprecedented growth, profitability and sustainability.


Quarterly Tech Innovation Doc

A vision document that traces the trends in the automotive industry and lays down the path to be undertaken to excel in the field of Mobility.


Workshops on emerging technologies influencing the automotive industry that will engage the players of the ecosystem to cope up with changes taking place and tweak their approaches.

Technical Papers

Periodical technical papers citing the latest advances in technical research and applied technical engineering information.

Startup Accelerators

Aimed to help startups attain success we provide startups with mentorship, advice, and resources.

Investment Scouting

This service includes hosting a series of investments pitches from the startups to startup investors.

Corporate Innovation

We play a role of catalyst in transforming new ideas and inventions into products, services and process improvements that deliver tangible benefits.

Market Positioning

We provide market positioning services by establishing the image or identity of a brand/ product so that it is perceived in a positive way by the potential customers.

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